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Science Ninja Radio

We DJ every Wednesday from 8pm to 12pm GMT on Radio4a.

An eclectic mix of blah blah and blah blah with highlights from over blah blah blah. Seriously. From Proto-electo to Post-Rock we got the moves. And Steve gives out free beer to anyone that helps him with his crossword.

News follows. Recent stuff at the top. The rest just for the benefit of future historians. Just be sure and get my name right.


26th January

Science Ninja Radio has a regular Wednesday slot

We've been given a regular slot on Radio4a Wednesday nights 8-10. They are currently broadcasting net only (no FM) but you techno kids prefer that wouldn't you with your vlog-casting and your wiki-wiki-webs?

We'll be playing god-knows-what but you can bet it will be astonishingly cool. If anyone lets me I've got a Japanese human beatbox cover of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' that you will not believe...

The stream is broadcast in two formats, RealAudio and MP3. The mp3 is being flaky at the moment so you might be stuck with the spawn of Satan that is RealPlayer:

If the MP3 stream is working try one of these two URL's. The first one should work in ITunes or Winamp and try the second one for Windows Media Player:

Old News

11th December

Ninjas vs HIV

Benefit Gig

Bored of eating cold turkey and pudding? Fed up with the family? Looking to get out of the house before you go out of your mind? Can't wait for New Year's Eve to get loose? Your dreams have been answered.

The mighty Science Ninja Team + Pound Station + All Ninja DJs

Thursday 28th December 8PM @ The Hope, Queens Rd, Brighton. £3.50

All Proceeds to Sussex Beacon

29th November
2 November

Science Ninja Croydon

Attention all London-dwelling humanoids and nearby citizens!

Your dreams of rock and roll revolution have been answered. The Science Ninja Team can confirm that they WILL be coming to Croydon and they WILL be dropping bombs. We may not have built this city on rock and roll, but we will try our best to level it (using only the weapon of electro indie-punk).

Green Dragon (near the top of Surrey Street market, opposite something called "The Ship"), Croydon, South London/Surrey (or "Slurrey").

Science Ninja Radio

In order to placate our loyal ninjas for cancelling the forthcoming Engine Rooms show with Grizzly Giant and the Mentalists, we would like to announce that Science Ninja Team will shortly be taking over the airwaves in the first of what are to be monthly pirate radio broadcasts on Radio4a. is an actual radio station as well as internet radio so if yr local you can listen on the FM but if, like those guys in Deliverance, you aint from around here are you boy, you can listen online.

More details about the excellent sh*t we're gonna throw down will be available just as soon as our telepathic alien contacts inform us. No requests!

The SNT Radio Show - Monthly starting Sunday 12th November 8pm-9pm Live stream: or 101.4 FM

3 October 2006

Robert Anton Wilson is dying. The pyschonaut and novelist who brought you the Illuminatus Trilogy, Cosmic Trigger and more, is terminally ill and is unable to pay his rent.

With only a brief period of time left to live, let us show both Robert and future generations that we let him die with dignity. There is a paypal link on to donate to his relief fund.

The ninjas salute you, Bob.

24 September 2006

Sincere and fawning thanks to everyone who voted us to a second triumphant victory on Demo Clash. Now if you could all go and vote for us again so we can make it three in a row we would be eternally grateful! See y'all tomorrow night at the Albert...

22 September 2006

Donde Esta El Poochie?

The new demo is available on the mp3 page. Poochie has left the building.

Your friendly neighbourhood Science Ninja Team won the Totally Wired Demo Clash on Juice FM 107.2 last week. Tune in this Sunday 8-10PM to see if we kick ass for a second week running.

To vote for us to win just send a blank email to with the words "Demo Clash Science Ninja Team" as the subject. CC us in so we know who our friends are. You might make it onto our Xmas list.

Don't forget this Monday is yr chance to catch us live at the Prince Albert and we've got all new songs on the website especially for you! With Matty singing and everything!

12 September 2006

Upcoming Gig:
Monday 25th September 8.30pm

Largo +
Science Ninja Team +
How to Tell Yourself from a Television

at The Albert
48 Trafalgar Street, Brighton


Upcoming Gig: Sat 22nd July
Science Ninja Team + Helzuki + Breach
Venue: The Providence
130 Western Road , Brighton
8-11pm. Free

The Brighton Source seem to like us (page 16). We therefore like The Source.

Andy has bought a keyboard that goes widdly-weee and will break the first time he tries to play live with it.

Matthew has just bought Katamari Damacy so will be unavailable in the short term.

Stephen is known by many names: Hank, Inigo Montoya, Philip Schofield, The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young and Colin with a 'ph'